Property Investment in Bali.
100% Done For you.

We are here to provide you with HIGH QUALITY property investments below market value with instant ROI and done-for-you services.

The project

Bali is known for surfing, spirituality and backpackers. It is, however, also a treasure for exceptional investment opportunities, especially regarding short-term rentals (VIA Airbnb). in July 2022 alone, the province had over 470K international visitors and 50% of all listed Airbnbs have had an occupancy rate of 80-90% since June 2022.

Expected yield
0 % p.a.
Occupancy (July 22)
0 %
AirDNA market grade
A -2

Our investors are...

… Entrepreneurs who want to grow their money and build long-term wealth.
… possess diversified investment portfolios.
… capable of and willing to invest a minimum of 170,000 EUR.
… joyfully anticipating a 15-30% Return of investment per annum.

About US

Behind every success is an excellent team of extraordinary people

Quantum Construction was founded by the two founders Hannah Geuenich and Nils Ehrenfried.

they do not only bring years of experience in business consulting into the business, but are also property investors themselves and have properties on site. they are supported by a large network of partners on the island and collaborate with well-known western companies to ensure western quality standards at the investment properties.

Case Studies

An estimate of return of investment can be derived by looking at existing data. it is expected that the investment property will be completely paid off after around 3 to 6 years. given the current development, a property value increase of 50-200% during the next 2 to 7 years is highly likely.


Nightly Rate
180 €
Occupancy rate
Monthly revenue
3.510 €
Yearly revenue
21,06 % p.a.


Nightly Rate
180 €
Occupancy rate
Monthly revenue
4.050 €
Yearly revenue
24,3 % p.a.


Nightly Rate
180 €
Occupancy rate
Monthly revenue
4.860 €
Yearly revenue
58.320 €
29,16 % p.a.
Selling Price for example: €200,000
*Airbnb Management and reserves excluded
**Average Occupancy is at 87%

Other sources of data


Building on Bali isn’t as complicated as you might think. We want to make it reality for you, step by step.


A CErtain ROI CAn not be guaranteed, there is also the risk of a total loss.
You want to know more? Let’s talk on a call.

No, our concept is to build the house with you. Matched to your budget, needs and wishes. 
You can decide how involved you want to be in the project. We can build a villa, where you put all your creative energy in, or we can simply build a performing investment, where you don’t need to be involved in the design process. It is completely up to you!

Yes, due to our international structure and team, we can optimize for your taxes. What we can do, to support you, depends from case to case. 

We wanted to build a No-Brainer offer so we decided to sell the investment property at 10% under the current market value to our clients. So if the villa takes 8-12 months to build, you already made a substantial amount of money in unrealized gains, before the villa is finished.

Because you’ll buy under market value, you’ll have an instant return in unrealized gains. 
The villa will start cash-flowing as soon as it is finished, which will be about 8-12 months from the initial consultation.

You’ll pay different percentages, as the villa is being build. So the payment plan is about 8-12 months long. 
As soon as you make your last payment, the villa can start cash-flowing.

You can, but you don’t have to. We work with an AirBnB management, that also manages our own properties. They will take care of bookings, cleaning and all the things you don’t want to deal with.

When building a property there are many variables, like weather and suppliers, that can delay the building process.
While you just have to live with delays in other countries, we think you should get paid, if your project is not finished in time.
So we will pay you for every day, that your project is behind schedule. How high the sum will be depends on the volume of the project as a whole and will be defined in the construction agreement.

The offer

We build your Bali Investment property. You can be involved or not – your decision. Benefit from buying under Market Value and a payment plan of around 12 months.

You get

  • Professional consulting
  • State-of-the-art design
  • Exceptional quality
  • Your own Bali villa
  • Land lease for 20–50 years included
  • Done for you service
  • All-inclusive package – no extra costs

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